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What is TRACCER?
The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk TRACCER (Track Registrar-Recorder's Automated Campaign Contributions Electronic Reports) System allows committees for County offices of Assessor, District Attorney, Sheriff, and Board of Supervisors to electronically file Campaign Statements (CA Form 460) directly with the RR/CC. Additionally, TRACCER allows the public to search and view these statements on the RR/CC website.

Is filing online mandatory?
Pursuant to Los Angeles County Code 2.195, each candidate or committee governed by Los Angeles County Code 2.190 and each committee supporting or opposing any County ballot measure that receives a total of $10,000 or more in contributions, or makes a total of $10,000 or more in expenditures within the applicable reporting period is required to electronically file.

Why should I use TRACCER?
TRACCER offers several advantages to committees who electronically file their campaign statements:

    • Cost : TRACCER is free. All you need is Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7.0 or later) to access the TRACCER website: http:// efs.lacounty.gov
    • Security : Authorized access provides you with the ability to create, modify, and print statements relating to the assigned committee. The public does not have access to view your statement until you have electronically submitted your completed statement.
    • Reduce paper handling : Committees who file online reduce paper handling and reduce the possibility for data entry errors that may occur when re-keying information.
    • Compatibility with standard software: Committees who use third party software to create files in the Cal-Access format can upload prepared statements directly to our system.

How do I obtain a TRACCER login ID & password?
To request a login ID and password, the candidate, treasurer, or assistant treasurer should complete the TRACCER User Registration Form and return to the TRACCER Administrator:

By Email: TRACCER@rrcc.lacounty.gov
By Fax: (562) 651-2548 Attention: TRACCER Administrator
By Mail or In-Person: 12400 Imperial Highway, Room 2003; Norwalk, CA 90650

What do I do if I lose my login ID & password?
Contact the TRACCER Administrator at (562) 462-3000 or via email at TRACCER@rrcc.lacounty.gov.

What are my software needs?
TRACCER is internet based; no additional software is required. You will need to have Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7.0 or later).

How does TRACCER work with my existing software?
If you already use a third-party software (e.g. NetFile, Statecraft, NGP) to manage your campaign activity, you may upload your Cal-Access file directly into TRACCER.

What are the deadlines for filing online?
Whether you are filing by paper or online, you are required to file on or before the campaign filing deadlines.

Am I still required to file a paper version of my campaign disclosure statement?
If you are required to electronically file, you are not required to file a paper format. Paper format submissions will not be accepted by the RR/CC when electronic filing is required.

If you are not required to electronically file, you are required to file the original paper format of the CA Form 460.

What if I decide not to file online?
If you are not required to electronically file, you may continue to file the required paper version of the CA Form 460 on or before the deadline. Once the $10,000 contribution and/or expenditure thresholds are met, electronic filing is required.

Failure to file a disclosure statement as required can result in substantial penalties – criminal, civil, and administrative. Additionally, failure to file on time can result in a late filing penalty of $10 per day. By law, there are no extensions of filing deadlines.

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